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"International Journal of Dentistry Research inviting manuscripts for next issue; Volume 3 Issue 2, 2018"

Volume 3 Issue 1, 2018

1 Why is government funded dental research so scarce in India?
Himanshi Aggarwal*, Saumyendra V.Singh
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):1-2 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 207 KB]

2 Accidental ingestion of mouth mirror head- Unforeseen experience in dental practice
Urvashi A Shetty, Shonith Naik, Audrey MD’Cruz*, Sheetal Jayanth, Sahana Maben
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):3-5 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 453 KB]
3 Spontaneous healing of untreated horizontal root fracture occurred 22 years ago: A case report and literature review
Azzahim Laïla*, Fennich Maria, Abdallaoui Faïza
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):6-9 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 416 KB]
4 Pleomorphic adenoma: A case report
Ankit Shah, Aatif Sayed, Heena Sayed*, Gaurav Khutwad
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):10-12 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 418 KB]

5 Evaluation of salivary contents in oral cancer: A preliminary study
Mohd. Saleem, Balasundari Shreedhar, Pradkhshana Vijay*, Mala Kamboj, Somi Fatima, Faizal Ali
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):13-16 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 272 KB]
6 Moroccan dentist’s perception and management of dentin hypersensitivity
S Saif*, M Hamza, S Dhaimy
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):17-24 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 448 KB]
7 The importance of sugar as predisposing factor for tooth decay
Ambarkova V*,Todorovska G, Kokoceva-Ivanovska O, Simjanovska LJ, Sibinoska K
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):25-29 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 356 KB]
8 Assessment of utility of Tulsi and Turmeric in treatment of oral submucous fibrosis: A clinical study
Deepa Virani*, Suwarna Dangore, Rahul Bhowate
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):30-33 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 282 KB]
9 Assessment of Patients’ Understanding of Orthodontic Treatments
Bourzgui F*, Abidine Z, Diouny S
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(1):34-37 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 280 KB]



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