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Volume 3 Issue 2, 2018

1 Rehabilitation of Maxillary Defect with an Interim Obturator: A Case Report
Chitra Goyal*, Rahi Goyal
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(2):38-40 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 351 KB]
2 Angiomatosis – A case report in comparison with vascular malformation
Preethi B Nayak, Dinkar Desai, Priyadharshini R*
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(2):41-43 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 444 KB]
3 Ectopic Inverted Atypical Tooth in Nasal Cavity in a Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate
Volkan ÇİFTÇİ*, Özgür ERDOĞAN, Muharrem Cem DOĞAN
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(2):44-46 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 443 KB]

4 Estimation of salivary level of calcium in chronic periodontitis patients: A biochemical study
Kumar Vivek*, Amrita, Pratap Mahender, Rawat Gargee, Verma Anshul, Kumar Gaurav
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(2):47-49 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 288 KB]
5 Evaluation of physical and chemical properties of saliva on retention of complete denture (In vitro study)
Amer A. Taqa*, Manar.N.Y. Nazhat, Tariq.Y.K. Basshi, Ghadeer H. Al_jader
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(2):50-54 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 310 KB]
6 Influence of the application of Chlorhexidine at 2% in the Adhesive Protocol on the Tensile Bond Strength of Glass Fiber Posts
Fernández Tarazona, J. A. ; Torres Rivera, Z. J.
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(2):55-58 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 404 KB]
7 Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Temporomandibular Joint Disorders Among Postgraduate Dental Students
Ashwin P S.*, Siri. P. B.
Int J Dentistry Res., 2018;3(2):59-62 DOI: https://doi/10.31254/dentistry.2018.3207
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 348 KB]



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