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"International Journal of Dentistry Research inviting manuscripts for next issue; Volume 4 Issue 2, 2019"

Volume 4 Issue 1, 2019

1 Assessing Students’ Perspectives of an Elective Digital Dentistry Course
Les Kalman, Elham Vakili
Int J Dentistry Res., 2019;4(1):01-04 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 303 KB]

2 Prosthetic rehabilitation using extra coronal attachments
Rahul Patil, Omkar Shetty
Int J Dentistry Res., 2019;4(1):05-08 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 388 KB]
3 Mandibular Permanent Central incisor Crown Dilaceration- A Rare Case Report
Ambreena Khurshid, Sanjay Chachra, Abhishek Dhindsa, Gurpreet Kour, Binish Iftikhar, Pooja Goel
Int J Dentistry Res., 2019;4(1):09-10 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 259 KB]

4 Alveolar bone and gingival necrosis following pulp devitalization
Disha Bansal, Mrinalini Mahajan
Int J Dentistry Res., 2019;4(1):11-12 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 289 KB]

5 Neuromuscular disorders affecting the Oral and Maxillofacial region and their Dental management
Apurva Mohite Khator, Mukta Motwani
Int J Dentistry Res., 2019;4(1):13-19 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 299 KB]
6 Does the platform switching implant affect the crestal bone level? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Asma M. Serag Eldien, Enji Ahmed Mahmoud, Huda Hamed, Mona Ali Shoeib
Int J Dentistry Res., 2019;4(1):20-29 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 741 KB]
7 Procedures to accelerate orthodontic treatment: Review of techniques and biological bases
Nelson José Rossi, Rosa Carrieri Rossi, Nelson José Carrieri Rossi
Int J Dentistry Res., 2019;4(1):30-37 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 483 KB]



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